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5 Strongest Bangkok Weed Strains in 2023

bangkok weed strains

The strongest Bangkok weed strains keep on getting stronger and stronger. And that’s not just iin Bangkok, but everywhere in the world. As weed technology grows, the products keep getting more concentrated. Since cannabis in Thailand has been legal for both medical and recreational uses since April 2022, the green game has changed.


You can now buy the strongest weed strains in Thailand like you would expect to see in Canada, California, Amsterdam, and Colorado. Don’t get it twisted, strong doesn’t always amount to the best experience. But it’s always interesting to sample the strongest Bangkok weed strains if you live in Thailand on are here on holiday. Let’s take a look at the 5 strongest weed strains you can buy in 2023 in Bangkok.


#5: Strawberry Banana – 23% THC / 70% Indica

For sure, loads of weed strains are around the 23% THC mark, but one of the best is Strawberry Banana. It’s one of the highest Indica dominant strains in the world, perfect for getting into a deep trace or for pain-killing reasons. It has a strong but smooth sweet flavor and it really does pack a potent hit.


What I like most about Bangkok weed strains like this is if you are feeling down, you can take one hit and instantly feel better. It enjoys quite a euphoric feel. The best part is even though it’s so strong, the feeling is not so hardcore. If you can find it in a Bangkok weed store and you are looking for a super-strong Indica, Strawberry Banana is the perfect choice.


#4: Bruce Banner Strain – 25% THC / 60% Sativa

When you need a super-strong cannabis strain that you can still smoke during the day and get shot done, Bruce Banner comes highly recommended. The reason it’s so easy to handle is that it’s a Sativa dominant strain, which is always the best bet for daytime smoking sessions. This is a stimulating plant and one of the strongest Bangkok weed strains out there in Thailand’s cannabis dispensaries. Just remember that you might need to shop around because not every store has access to Bruce.


This strain offers the best of both worlds. You get a super-strong high experience while still feeling invigorated and relaxed simultaneously. But you never get too relaxed to the point of comatose, so that’s a good thing. If you happen to be a grower, Bruce Banner seeds are also very desirable because they can produce up to three times more yield than most plants.


#3: Chemdawg Strain – 25% THC / 80% Indica

Chemdawg is an absolutely legendary strain. If you can find Bangkok weed strains like this when visiting Thai cannabis stores, you are on to a winner. It’s super strong at 25% THC. And the best part is the plant is essentially all Indica. Its parentage is OG Kush and Sour Diesel, so it doesn’t get any better than that type of genetics and lineage.


You would naturally assume that an India strain this dominant would absolutely knock your socks off and put you in a coma. But funnily enough, it does the exact opposite. It’s quite a cerebral high that is euphoric and uplifting, so you really do get a nice surprise. However, once you had a blast on Chemdawg, it hands around longer than an unwanted smell. It lingers for ages and has long-lasting effects.


Because Chemdawg is so strong, I would advise you to be careful if you are just an average smoker. Theoretically, this should only be smoked by experts, connoisseurs, or in extranet small dosages.


#2: Gorilla Glue 4 – 26% THC / 50% Sativa-Indica

Gorilla Glue #4 is an absolute classic. If you can find Bangkok weed strains like this at Thai weed shops, you should grab them with both hands. It’s super strong, super delicious, and supersonic. It’s one of the few truly 50% Sativa-Indica hybrids that makes the best cannabis strains lists. Because it is bred from both types of cannabis, the feeling and effects are also very balanced. Once you’ve had a blast, the first thing you feel is energized and euphoric.


The second wave will be relaxation and you will begin to get heavy. After 10 minutes or so you might need to lay down on the couch. I love smoking Gorilla Glue when I want to chill and watch a movie. I find that it’s a bit too strong for being creative, but some experts may think otherwise. If you ever get the chance to buy Gorilla Glue #4 in Bangkok, make sure you get it right away.


#1: Godfather OG – 30% to 35% THC / 60% Indica

Godfather OG is largely seen as the strongest cannabis in the world with THC levels that can reach up to 35%. It’s ridiculously strong and the moment you smoke, it won’t take long for you to realize why. It won the 2013 Cannabis Cup and is a very desirable cannabis strain that you don’t find too often. Once you take a hit, it goes right to your head, shortly followed by an entire body buzz that can take you by surprise.


It tastes very earthy and sweet and is quite a delicious strain considering its crazy potency. I would personally suggest that you only smoke it in the evening when you don’t have anything important left to do in your day. I only say that because after one blast, you want to sit down and relax. It’s not conducive to smoking when you are busy with things.


The strongest Bangkok weed strains can be purchased at the best Thai weed stores for very competitive prices. These types of strains usually cost around 500 to 700 THB in a Thailand cannabis dispensary. So, although they are the most expensive strains, they are available. They are listed in the ‘exotic’ category.


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