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Top 5 Stoner Movies That Don’t Matter Anymore

Are you ready for the top 5 stoner movies that don’t mater anymore? All those who enjoy a good smoke while chilling and watching a movie will be very well aware that stoner movies are not short in supply.

These range from pretty grim productions to movies that have you on the floor with laughter. Yes, the quality and storylines do vary that much.

Below we will not be looking at the ones that really make you chuckle or those favorites you are prepared to watch time and again. Instead, it will be a heads-up on 5 stoner movies that really do not matter anymore mainly because times have changed.

#1 – Up in Smoke – Cheech and Chong – 1978

Many older heads will often state that Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong aka Cheech & Chong broke the mold as far as humorous stoner movies go but let’s be honest, time and scripts move on. Up in Smoke was released in 1978 and was the comedy duo’s first Cheech & Chong stoner movie.

While the likable pair are to be applauded for pushing on and breaking down mainstream taboos relating to weed they should now be left where they belong. That is back in the late ‘70s.

This aimless movie obviously lacked a script supervisor and testament to that are the glaring continuity errors. Arrests and court appearances were glossed over and munchies were the order of the day as soon as the first spliff was lit. Come on guys – Munchies are very often much desired, but that quick and that often?

It is hard to remember any actual jokes in the movie although lots of sight gags, low-level farce, and dare it be said, toilet humor are in abundance.

Due to the cult status Cheech & Chong movies achieved there are bound to be those who disagree but surely there are other stoner movies that are now far more worthy of mention than Up In Smoke. This might be on the top 5 stoner movies that don’t mater anymore, but I still love it.

#2 – Pineapple Express – 2008

Released in 2008, Pineapple Express majors on Stoner Dale Denton’s (Seth Rogen) constant enjoyment of a rare strain of marijuana and his relationship with his dealer. However, while witnessing a murder Dale panics and drops a roach near the scene.

The upshot is that there could well be a trace-back of the weed to Dale and his dealer Saul Silver (James Franco). So Dale and Saul go on the lam and are then trailed by an unhinged drug lord and a crooked cop.

While quite well received by the paying public it is funny in parts. However, if truth be told it is fairly scattershot with just enough low-ball laughs to get by and the violent end is certainly not for all.

#3 – Half Baked – 1998

This is for sure a top 5 stoner movie hat doesn’t matter anymore. This movie came out when the likes of Austin Powers, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Waynes World were all the rage. Hence the then appreciation.

It centers around 3 not so bright friends who need to help out one of their crew who is arrested for killing an NYC police horse by feeding it junk food. To raise the bail needed they decide to sell pot that has been stolen from a pharma lab. As the script indicates, it’s a risky plan but what wouldn’t these stand-up guys do to help a buddy in need!

Maybe Half Baked was good for laughs when you were a teenager and high as a kite, but now? Not really.

There are also no real smart jokes to remember although it does go for quick humor. Perhaps the saving graces come in the form of Sir Smoke-a-lot although sadly he appears in just a couple of scenes, and Jim Breuer who plays Brian (acting apart, did Jim always look that naturally high?)

To compound things, the ‘Goof’ of the movie has to be when Kenny (Harland Williams) comes out of a Pizza Pizza restaurant. In this scene, you can see a large Sam the Record Man – Both of these are Canadian chains located in downtown Toronto, not in NYC!

#4 – How High – 2001

Perhaps we should start with how low can you go in terms of reality? The multi-platinum rap superstars Redman and Method Man take lead roles as Jamal and Silas. They are two regular guys who happen to smoke something magical that helps them ace their college entrance exams. Where do they wind up but Harvard!

The upshot? You’ve guessed it, their stash runs dry and it is time to start living on their wits and rely on each other to get by. In truth, this is a poorly constructed stoner movie with more than its fair share of lame, vulgar jokes.

While this movie is best off being skipped, that is not the case with the soundtrack. Strike a light to a large spliff, ease back, and listen. Hits From The Bong and I Wanna Get High (Cypress Hill), Jammin (Bob Marley), and How To Roll A Blunt (Redman) will do wonders to increase a very mellow high! This is one of the top 5 stoner movies that people don’t watch anymore.

#5 – Super Troopers – 2001

Let’s be honest, depending upon which country, region, or state you live in there are bound to be differing opinions on your local police force. However, these five over-enthusiastic, under-stimulated Vermont State Troopers surely don’t fit into any known profile.

Known as Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster, and Farva these cops are stationed in a remote area near the Canadian border. What is there to like about them? Well, you may appreciate the fact that they are avid pranksters who also have an affinity for drinking syrup! 

Screwing up regularly while on the job is the norm so the real question is: When their jobs are threatened due to budget cuts can they survive?

This really is a more miss than a hit affair and can surely only appeal to those who are very high and looking for something extremely silly to watch. And that’s why it made this op 4 stoner movie list. Mind you, how wrong could we be? After all, sequels were made!

Please Do not Shoot the Messenger!

Hey, we could have picked a whole host of other stoner movies that really do not matter anymore, but it was the 5 above that quickly caught the eye.

Please don’t shoot the messenger. Rather, get a few smoking buddies together, load those spliffs and bongs, and have a good old lively laughing debate about which stoner movies you thought were great originally.

Doing that will also have you creased up as you dig back into those memory banks to remember which weed strain you were smoking at the time to ever think that!.

If you have enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek piece on the top 5 stoner movies that people don’t watch anymore and would now like to dig deeper into the real as opposed to the fictional world of weed please click here.