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What is a Gravity Bong and How Does it Work?​

Whether you call it a Geeb, GB, or Bucket Bong or have your special name for it one thing is for sure; a gravity bong is a very enjoyable addition to any serious cannabis smoker’s collection.

Let’s take a look at what this type of bong is, how it works, why it gives a hit to remember, and how to make one in 10 easy steps!

A Gravity Bong is…

A type of bong used for cannabis consumption. This straightforward smoking system has been around for decades but rose in popularity during the late 1990s. It was around this time that serious smokers looking to increase the effects from just one hit came up with a straightforward yet highly effective cannabis inhalation method.

Due to the fact a gravity bong can be made easily and quickly, it continues to be a highly popular way of smoking cannabis for those in need of a powerful, one-hit blaster!

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

Later in the piece, we will explain how to make a gravity bong but first let’s look at how one works. Gravity bongs work by submerging a small, modified plastic bottle with a foil bowl attached to the top. It is the foil that holds your cannabis. This smaller bottle is then placed into a plastic container, bucket, or larger bottle filled with water.

The procedure harnesses gravity and then pulls smoke down into the chamber of the bottle as the user lifts the bottle from the water. As the cannabis is lit, the bottle is slowly drawn out of the water and fills with smoke from your chosen, burning herb.

Once the bottle is full of smoke, the foil is taken off and the smoker places their mouth over the bottle’s opening. As the bottle is slowly pushed down, gravity pushes the smoke into the user’s lungs for a highly concentrated herbal smoke in just one hit.

Once a smoker gets things just right it gives the benefit of consuming a full bowl of their favorite smoking strain all at once. That is because the user is creating a vacuum through the combination of two containers and water that acts as the “seal”. 

The higher the bottle is lifted, the thicker the smoke gets. This makes taking a hit from a gravity bong an epic way to enjoy a huge amount of smoke in just one go.

Do Gravity Bongs get you Higher?

From the above description, the answer is a very big YES, and here’s why:

Compared to a traditional bong or pipe, gravity bongs are generally made with larger containers. An example is the use of a 1-liter or 2-liter bottle which means they hold way more smoke than a traditional bong.

But things get better. On top of producing a larger more concentrated cannabis hit, the force which is created through the water vacuum has a noticeable effect on how quickly the smoke passes and fills the user’s lungs.

While this sounds great (and it is for experienced smokers), the use of a gravity bong does come with a word of caution. Use is certainly not for the faint-hearted. In truth, they are best left to the more seasoned, experienced cannabis toker.

How to Make a Gravity Bong…

Here’s a quick, 10-step guide on how to make a gravity bong with some tips along the way:

Step #1

Take an empty water plastic bottle (any size will do). Just keep in mind two things. The bigger the bottle, the bigger the hit and the bottle you choose needs to fit inside a second, larger plastic container, bottle, or bucket.

If smoking alone, a small plastic bottle will do the job. Go for a larger bottle if you are having a smoke session with friends.

Step #2

Remove the top from the bottle and cover the mouthpiece with aluminum foil. Do not place the foil too tightly around the mouthpiece but do make sure the entire opening is covered with foil.

Why? Because you want to keep maximum smoke in the bottle but will also need to easily remove the foil when you are ready to inhale the smoke from your burnt herb.

Step #3

Use a sewing needle, toothpick, or something similar to poke tiny holes in the foil. Take care with this step because you do not want too many holes and you do not want them to be too big. 

Making holes too big will result in pieces of your cannabis falling into the gravity bong. The aim is to make just a few holes that will ensure the cannabis smoke flows smoothly down into the bottle.

Step #4

Cut the bottom off the empty plastic bottle. The easiest way to do this is by taking a sharp knife and carefully piercing the bottle around 1- to 2-inches (2.5- to 5- cm) from its bottom.

From there, take a pair of scissors, insert them into the slit you have made with the knife, and cut around the bottle in a straight line until the bottom comes off.

Step #5

Find either a plastic container, a bucket, or another bottle that is larger than your first bottle. It is this container you will fill with water.

If using a second bottle, cut off the neck of the larger bottle to make sure the rim is now the same width as the body. This is so your first bottle can fit into the second bottle.

Step #6

Fill the larger plastic container with either cold or warm water. This should be filled almost to the top – As a guide, leave around 1- to 2-inches (2.5- to 5.0 cm) of space from the rim of the second container.

Step #7

Place your first bottle into the water container. The open bottom and body of the bottle should be at the bottom of the container. The neck and mouthpiece (covered by foil) should be above the top of the water. If the water covers the mouthpiece, you have pushed the bottle too far down into the water container.

Step #8

Holding the plastic bottle with one hand, sprinkle your ground-up herb onto the aluminum foil. From there, light the cannabis while slowly lifting the plastic bottle. This causes the bottle to fill with smoke. Just remember to hold the flame to the cannabis as you lift the bottle.

Step #9

Stop lifting the bottle when its bottom is almost out of the water. To stop smoke from escaping you mustn’t lift the bottle right out of the water. When the bottom of the bottle is near the top of the water it should be full of that very inviting smoke.

Step #10

Take off the aluminum foil, put your mouth on the top of the bottle, and breathe in a deep hit to be reckoned with. Just a word of advice, push the bottle down into the water slowly while inhaling. What you are after is a steady stream (not too much at once) of smoke into your lungs.

A hit to Remember but do use Your Gravity Bong Sensibly

Gravity bongs are a great way to get a very powerful hit in just one blast. As with all cannabis smoking methods, sensible use is the way to go.

Beginners would be wise to gradually work up to a gravity bong experience. The more experienced smoker will know just what type of hit to expect (and this is the reason they come back for more on a very regular basis!).

Hopefully, the above has explained what you need to know about gravity bongs and a way of smoking that brings a real high.

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Happy Smoking!