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The Legend of Kief

the legend of kief

In Arabic, the word kief (كيف), meaning “Joy” or “Pleasure,”  is well known among cannabis aficionados.  Often referred to as “pollen,” “dust” or “dry sift,” its extreme potency is the stuff of legend.


In Morocco, kief refers to a mix of finely-chopped cannabis and indigenous tobacco.

In most Moroccan cities, you may find small cafes where local men can be seen smoking their kief pipes and playing cards or drinking tea.

Today, it is thought that Morocco makes between a third and half of all the hashish sold in the world. Most of which goes to Europe.

Today, nearly all of Morocco’s production can be found in the Rif Mountains, which stretch from the Mediterranean Sea to the port city of Tangier.

Kief (cannabis dust)

Kief is more commonly known as the sticky, glistening powder that coats your fingers and grinder after handling fresh flowers. Kief is simply loose trichomes that have been separated from the cannabis flower, usually as it’s sifted through a series of mesh screens. The purer the kief, the lighter the colour.

Cannabis trichomes, or resin sacks, house the cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and are separated from the rest of the plant material to create kief. Because trichomes have the most cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of any part of the plant, kief can be very strong, up to 80% THC! This can have very strong effects.

Many people believe that the “entourage effect” between the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids is what gives cannabis its unique therapeutic qualities and benefits.

Throughout history, cannabis cultivators and consumers have sifted cannabis plant material in order to collect kief. Today, the Kief collection is simple and straightforward.

The easiest way to collect kief is by using a herb grinder with multiple chambers. Most herb grinders include a catcher, located at the bottom of the grinder, where natural kief accumulates over time. Wonderland Bangkok has a large selection of such grinders. The more herbs you grind, the more kief will sift through the mesh screen inside and slowly build up.

One of the advantages of Kief, because of its low odour and high THC content, is that it is an excellent byproduct for dispersing in edibles. Kief is probably the best choice for making pot brownies or other edibles.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that while Kief is powerful, its potency may be too high for some people who just want to feel better.

Certain conditions benefit more from lower doses of THC and CBD and do not require high doses.

At Wonderland Bangkok, we have a dedicated in-house Thai Traditional Medicine doctor on staff who can assist you with making the right cannabis choices. We have an extensive range of flowers and other products such as edibles and oils.

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